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Special Relationship Report André BARBAULT & ORDINASTRAL : un must

"Adam et Eve" Comparisons and affinities.

What are your chances in love ?

To discover the affinities between you and your partner, but also what keeps you apart.
Based on the comparison of your astrological charts, this report defines the affinities between you and your partner.

Are you really made for each other ? Is your relationship more physical than emotional ? Or is intellectual companionship more important to you ? Or are you lucky enough to have met a soul mate on all levels ?
Astroflash analyzes the factors which bring you together and keep you apart.

7 to 10 pages of a clear and concise booklet.

Demonstration study (pdf file)

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Your Psychological Portraits (Adult).

Who are you?...

How to know yourself better, to exploit all your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
To get to know others better, to better understand and to have more peaceful relationships.

As the famous psychologist C.G. JUNG, wrote:
"While men of little learning until recently thought that they could make fun of astrology, considering it as a pseudo-science which had become obsolete years ago, this same astrology, rising from the depths of the common soul, is now again knocking at the doors of the universities from which it had been ousted some three centuries ago".
At the minute you are born, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the sign of your Ascendant have established the outlines of your personality, the deep tendencies of yourself.
Astroflash reveals your strengths and your weaknesses, the elements of balance which might secure your success.
Astroflash clarifies your love life and your possibilities of affinities with other people, your behavior in society, concerning work and money.
In clear and concise language this booklet helps you to know yourself (or your parents or friends) better in addition to your happiness.

6 to 8 pages of a clear and concise booklet.

Demonstration study (pdf file)

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