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Forecasts - Solar Return 1 year Jean-Pierre NICOLA avec Ordinastral

A 12 month calendar between 2 birthdays.

This forecast horoscope is extraordinary. It has no equal, and the reader will be stupefied to find in it all of the problems affecting him/her.

Presented first, the general mood for the whole year. Then the predictions for each of the following 6 domains.
- Professional life.
- Family life.
- Finances.
- Love.
- Leisure.
- Physical and psychological balance.

The Solar Return can be made anytime, with a birthday coming up soon or already gone by. It's based on the comparison made between the map of the birthday chart and the map of the birth chart, and according to a very complex methodology established by Jean-Pierre NICOLA.

15 to 20 pages of a clear and precise booklet. Choice of year to start from.

Demonstration study(pdf file)

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