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Questions & Answers: Imprimer

Do two people born on the same day, at the same time and the same place have the same horoscope? the same personality? the same destiny?

Astroflash gives trends and only trends, everyone's free will also always plays a role. In the example given, the two people receive the same astral influences. They have the same basic tendencies. Because they're born to different parents, live in different areas, and come from different social backgrounds they won't have exactly the same personality, this being the result of a number of different influences.

Will they have the same destiny?

Astrologists frequently answer this question by comparing these 2 twins lined up with the stars to 2 bridge players who have identical hands but play their hands quite differently. Or we can compare them to two passengers on the same train, they can go from the lead car of the train to the rear, stopping at the dining car if they please, but their destination remains the same.

The constellations on which astrology has been based for the past 2000 years have shifted. So, the horoscopes on which they are founded are false! "Astrology is not based on constellations, but on a permanent zodiac sign, according to the seasons. From the very beginning, the zodiac has been tropical, and is destined to represent the solar year in direct relationship with the equinoxes and solstices. And the disrepancy of the precession of the equinox doesn't by any means hold up spring from coming each year at the same calendar date, and it's the psychology of spring, the natural expression of Aries, that we're interested in..."(A. Barbault, Petit Manuel d'Astrologie, published in France by Seuil.)

How can two astrological houses in a row be under the same sign?

The houses being unequal areas (from 5 - 50 degrees), there can be one astrological sign for 2 houses or two astrological signs for one house. One should notice that the closer one gets to the equator, the more equal the house becomes, which is when the sign's length equals the length of the house.

Black Moon or Lilith

The second house of the moon plays a role for certain astrologers, particularly in studies about children's behavior, and/or neurotic behavior. No in-depth study, corroborated with statistical results, has been done yet (Some French authors have treated this subject: Michel Meriel, Joelle de Gravelane, and Jacqueline Aimee, the co-author of Astrology, published by R. Laffont).

Lunar Knots

Indicate the points where the moon's lunar path cross that of the sun's (ecliptic). According to the followers of karmic astrology, "the position of lunar knots in signs and houses give clues to our inner lives and the way we approach our real life circumstances that we've been given" Dorotee de Bizemont, Karmic Study at Astroflash.


Very briefly; they are the position and negative consequences of our inner lives. To have good karma, that's what we wish for all of you.

Retrograde Planet

Nothing negative about that! Imagine yourself on a pokey/wheezy train, passed by a T.G.V. (rapid transit train)-you have the feeling that your old banger is standing in place or even going backwards; it's only an optical effect, resembling an illusion that leads one to see certain planets as retrograde; in your birth chart, if it exists, it's represented by an "R" next to the planet which is called retrograde.

Place of Birth, Why is it so important?

In order to draw up your birth chart, it's vitally important information, along with, of course, the date and hour of birth. The sun obviously doesn't rise at the same time according to the place where we're born. For example, between Genoa & Venice, there is a 12 minute gap.

Crossing from one sign to another

Another sea snake, with the precession of the equinoxes. No, the sign doesn't change from one sign to another at midnight, like from Aries to Taurus the night of April 20th to April 21st but in the course of the day, either the 20th or the 21st. Have you noticed in certain magazines in the horoscope column, they indicate that the beginning and ending dates of the signs are approximate. Now there's a precision in favor of the astrologist editors of a horoscope.