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The Meaning of the Houses: Imprimer la page

A particular house lends its strength or its weakness to the star found within it. A planet is said to be "strong" in an astral chart when it occupies either the fourth, seventh, or tenth house. It is considered "moderate' if it falls in the second, eighth, or eleventh house. And a planet's influence is said to be weak if it lies in the third, sixth, or ninth house.

First house
One's self and personality
Second house
Money, wealth, material goods
Third house
Friends, siblings, close-relations, education, written work, travel
Fourth house
Family, home, and hearth
Fifth house
Pleasures and distractions; games, love, creativity, children
Sixth House
Duties and obligations, work, health, pets
Seventh house
Marriage and relationships, unshakeable adversaries or declared enemies
Eighth house
Death or inheritance (that of others)
Ninth House
Religion, philosophy, extended trips
Tenth house
Profession, career, vocation, honors
Eleventh house
Friends and supporters
Twelfth house
Trials, such as secret enemies, obstacles, illnessses, reversals of fortune