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Egyptian astrology began 30 centuries before our era. It created a calendar based on the time that separates two , in other words 365 days. A takes place each time that we see before sunrise , the brightest star in the sky, that we can perceive only at this time of year. If not, it rises when it's already day and is invisible to our eyes. This moment coincides with the beginning of the Nile's rising which is vitally important to the economy of their country. The Egyptian calendar is in relationship with the moods of the nourishing river. The months are 30 days long, and divided into three weeks of 10 days, or one of three subdivision of each star sign. Days are divided into 24 hours; each hour of the nocturnal and daily cycle is linked with one of the 12 sacred animals: cat, dog, snake, beetle, donkey , lion, goat, bull, sparrow hawk, monkey, ibis, crocodile. Astrology sees the day that sixth century B.C. where the mixing of several cultures (the wars against Persia) brought astrology to the edges of the Nile,and into their temples. It is aimed at the privileged, for the pharaohs and the V.I.P.s it is taught in the temples. they call the specialists "Horoscopoi" - those who observe the time.

At the time of Alexander the Great's invasion, a happy marriage was made between the mystical astrology fo the pharaohs and Greek scientific astrology. The oldest representation of the Egyptian zodiac brought to us, dates back to 221 before our era. the famous zodiac from the Goddess Hathos dates back to the epoch of Tiber.
(If you want to know more, look into the books by Noelle Noblecourt & Christian Jacques, and the books "Que sais-je" by Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch-published by P.U.F.)